Z+F IMAGER® 5010C, 3D laser scanner

The Z+F IMAGER® 5010C is one of the most reliable and stable 3D laser scanners on the market. In addition to its high accuracy, the surveying system is characterized by its HDR camera, which captures high-resolution and parallax-free color data.

High Dynamic Range

HDR offers a solution to display homogenous colour information.

Therefore serveral pictures of the same scene are taken with different exposure times, including intentional underexposed and overexposed pictures, in order to capture every contrast area correctly. Even those areas which would be underexposed are captured. After this process all pictures are merged into one high dynamic range picture, displaying an ideal result.

HDR is not a new technology, but Z+F is the first manufacturer to integrate this capturing technique into a 3D laser scanner.

The HDR picture is being generated in the Z+F LaserControl® software and combined with the point cloud automatically. Compared to the manual method, Z+F’s HDR procedure does not require any previous knowledge in the field of photography, e.g. about aperture and exposure time, and allows a simple and quick 3D documentation of the surrounding area.




  • HDR i-Cam

    The integrated CMOS color camera is enormously low in noise. The lens is optimally tuned to the camera to produce high-quality images, even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

  • Range 187 m

    Due to the wavelength, the device has a nominal range of 187 m. This range allows to use the scanner efficiently in almost all terrestrial applications.

  • High-speed 1 million pixels/sec

    With a maximum measurement rate of 1,016,027 pixels/sec, the Z+F IMAGER® 5010C is one of the fastest 3D laser scanners on the market.

  • Highest data quality

    The Z+F IMAGER® 5010C is characterized by its high angular and distance measuring accuracy. The very low measurement noise also guarantees highest data quality on different surfaces and a large measuring distance.

    • Laser system

      Laser class: 1
      Beam divergence: < 0.3 mrad
      Beam diameter: approx. 3.5 mm (at 0.1 m distance)
      Range: 187.3 m (unambiguity interval)
      Minimum distance: 0.3 m
      Resolution range: 0.1 mm
      Data acquisition rate: Max. 1.016 million pixel/sec.
      Linearity error: ≤ 1 mm
      Range noise: 0.3 mm rms

      Deflection unit

      Vertical system: completely encapsulated rotating mirror
      Horizontal system: device rotates about its vertical axis
      Vertical field of view: 320°
      Horizontal field of view: 360°
      Vertical resolution: 0.0004°
      Horizontal resolution: 0.0002°
      Vertical accuracy: 0.007° rms
      Horizontal accuracy: 0.007° rms
      Rotation speed: max. 50 rps (3,000 rpm)

      HDR camera

      Focus area 1 m - ∞
      Image count for panorama: 42
      Recording time: ca. 3:30 min.
      Panorama resolution: ca. 80 MPixel

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