Zoller + Fröhlich GmbH

Innovative Crimping Machines by Zoller + Fröhlich Revolutionize Wildlife and Earthquake Research

Zoller + Fröhlich, a leading manufacturer of crimping tools and machines for cable processing and handling, is actively contributing to the fields of animal and environmental protection.

The company's state-of-the-art crimping machines enable the excellent compression of contact elements onto antennas used in specialized GPS modules for tracking wild animals. These GPS modules allow real-time tracking of the whereabouts and movement patterns of wildlife such as elephants, rhinos, and zebras. This provides information about the animals' precise locations, enabling wildlife rangers to stay close to herds and protect them from poachers.

Unscrupulous poachers often cruelly kill these majestic animals to remove their valuable horns, which are then sold at exorbitant prices in Asia. With the help of these modules, wildlife rangers can continuously monitor the animals' positions and dispatch guards to these locations to ensure the herds' safety. This innovative technology effectively safeguards wildlife from poachers and preserves their valuable habitats.

Furthermore, the modules have found another application. For instance, on Mount Etna in Italy, free-roaming goats are equipped with GPS modules. This allows for the precise observation of their behavior. Goats have the remarkable ability to react irrationally to impending earthquakes and volcanic eruptions much earlier than humans or sophisticated technology. When an eruption is imminent, goats take different paths than before and often do not return to their shelters as usual in the evening. By continuously tracking the goats' movement patterns using the modules, researchers can gather early information about potential earthquakes and issue timely warnings to people in these regions. This advanced technology significantly enhances public safety.

"We are proud to contribute to the conservation of endangered wildlife and improve early warnings for impending natural disasters with our crimping machines," says Dr.-Ing. Christoph Fröhlich, CEO of Zoller + Fröhlich. "Our technology allows us to address the challenges of modern conservation efforts while ensuring the safety of people in vulnerable areas."