3D survey in forensics

Within a few minutes, Z+F 3D laser scanners can provide accurate measurement data of crime scenes and accidents – indoors and outdoors. This data speeds up the investigation process by "freezing" the scanned crime scene and documenting it. These evaluations are accepted in court.

Accident investigation
The phase based 3D laser scanners of Z+F enable an accurate three-dimensional capturing of complete accident scenes with all the details like deformations of the vehicles or skidmarks. Using this technology, the question of the possible causes and sequence of the accidents can be analysed and answered more easily.

Crime scene investigation
The complete securing of evidence at crime scenes and the geometry measurement on the spot are of great importance. A crime scene is normally captured from various positions by the Z+F IMAGER®. By combining these scans, the viewer gets an overview of the complete scene. The IMAGER® is very flexible: it can work in the smallest of spaces (e.g. under a chair) without any problems. At a crime scene, 3D plans, floor plans, horizontal and vertical slices, or just views of the point clouds can be generated on the spot.