3D surveying in insurance

In many projects insurance companies have the problem that the building to be insured is either not completely documented or was documented a long time ago, so that the available data is out of date. 3D laser scanning is an efficient way to detect the current condition of the building and all its details. The 3D data is particularly useful for insurance companies when it comes to the following tasks:

  • Assessment of property value
  • Surveying the inventory in 3D
  • Calculation of areas

In fact the 3D data is of particular importance in the case of damage. A new survey of the damaged object can be carried out and by using software, the condition before and after the damage can be compared and visualised directly.

The amount of damage can be quantified much more precisely in comparison to a quantification without the use of 3D data. Z+F laser scanners are highly suitable for these close-range and mid-range applications due to their speed, their 360 metre range, their robustness and of course their high data quality.