2D laser scanner

Z+F PROFILER® 9020C, 2D laser scanner

The Z+F PROFILER® 9020C is the world's first mobile 2D laser scanner with integrated cameras.

Generate colored point clouds without external cameras

The P9020C has four integrated cameras, each with 5 MPx, which cover the entire 360° scanning area as of a distance of 40 cm. The recordings have high color fidelity and a high dynamic range. Significant differences in light conditions are compensated in such a way that the processing of the images afterwards takes short time or is completely eliminated. Shaded or overexposed areas can hardly be seen in the colored 3D representations.


Less cabling and connection effort - only one USB 3 cable required

The P9020C's built-in cameras allow for quick installation. Only a USB 3 cable is required for the transmission and control of the system components. Fewer cables also mean less susceptibility to errors and, conversely, more security when collecting data. In addition to this efficiency and data security, a high degree of flexibility was taken into account during development. The construction of the P9020C corresponds to that of the P9020. This means that the scanners can be exchanged in just a few minutes, depending on their area of ​​application.


Fully calibrated camera system

In contrast to external cameras, the permanently installed cameras of the P9020C do not need to be calibrated. The cameras and the scanner are perfectly matched and ready to use upon delivery. The components are also synchronized fully automatically during installation, so that the image and measurement points match exactly. The high accuracy and the low parallax are further optimized by the compact design.

Technical highlights:

  • 4 integrated cameras
  • Fully calibrated system
  • 267 profiles/sec.
  • 2 million pixels/sec.
  • Accurate to 0.2mm
  • 182 m range
  • 360° field of view


  • Suitable for high speeds

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9020 has a rotation speed of 267 Hz or 16,020 rpm max. and measures over 2 million points/sec

  • Flexible

    With a maximum range of 182 m, the profiling scanner is suitable for almost all mobile mapping applications

  • Very high measurement accuracy

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9020 achieves a measuring accuracy of 0.2 mm in the range between 1 m and 25 m.

  • Integrated cameras

    The Z+F PROFILER® 9020C is the world's first plug and play mobile 2D laser scanner with integrated cameras.

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