Laserscanning software


PolyWorks is a software to process and evaluate optically digitized, three-dimensional data. It is mainly used in the fields of reverse engineering, design, quality assurance, digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping, cultural heritage archiving and medical applications.

PolyWorks Metrology Suite


PolyWorks | Inspector reads, processes, and compares three-dimensional measurement data. On the basis of using direct interfaces to laser scanners, high-resolution 3D point clouds can be imported. PolyWorks | Inspector provides the ability to analyze the recorded data or compare it with design data.


The PolyWorks | Modeler package is suitable for creating uniform polygon models and NURBS surfaces from point clouds with high density. The software provides polygonal modeling for polygonal production applications.

The PolyWorks | Modeler covers the applications of surface reconstruction as part of the reverse engineering process.


The reviewer is a free software to visualize projects, edited with PolyWorks | Inspector. To use the Reviewer software no installation is required.

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