2D laser scanner

Z+F PROFILER® 9020 | 9020-2, 2D laser scanner

The Z+F PROFILER® 9020 and 9020-2 is a highly efficient 2D laser scanner for mobile mapping applications. The rotation speed of the Z+F PROFILER® 9020 is 267 Hz or 16,020 rpm max.. It measures up to 182 m and has a very high data quality. For data capturing in close range, it is equipped with special optics. Compared to previous models, it has an internal reference plate, a very low power consumption, very fast startup time and over 50% reduced weight and size.

A new, very powerful laser technology and further developed algorithms ensures highly accurate measurement results on rails, roads, street signs and other traffic control systems such as traffic lights.

Technical highlights:

  • 267 profiles/sec.
  • P9020: 1.094 million points/sec.
  • P9020-2: 2.188 million points/sec.
  • 0.2 mm accuracy
  • 182 m range
  • 360° field of view

The Z+F PROFILER® 9020 and 9020-2 can be flexibly integrated into different MMS. The Z+F PROFILER® 9020 has several ports for fast and free from interference communication between the components like Z+F MapCam®, GNSS receiver and operator PC.



  • Suitable for high speeds

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9020 has a rotation speed of 267 Hz or 16,020 rpm max. and measures over 2 million points / sec

  • Flexible

    With a maximum range of 182 m, the profiling scanner is suitable for almost all mobile mapping applications

  • Very high measurement accuracy

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9020 achieves a measuring accuracy of 0.2 mm in the range between 1 m and 25 m.

  • Smaller and lighter

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9020 is up to 50% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the 9012.

    • Laser system

      Laser class 1 (according to EN60825-1 / ANSI Z136.1)
      Beam divergence: < 0.5 mrad
      Beam diameter: Approx. 1.9 mm (at 0.1 m distance)
      Ambiguity distance: 182 m
      Minimum distance: 0.3 m
      Range resolution: 0.1 mm
      Data acquisition rate:
      - P9020: 1.094 million points/sec.
      - P9020-2: 2.188 million points/sec.
      Range noise: 0.2 mm

      Deflection unit

      Deflection system: Completely encapsulated, rotating mirror
      Vertical field of view: 360° un-obstructed
      Angular resolution: 0.0088°
      Angular accuracy: 0.007° rms 2
      Rotation speed: 50 Hz up to 267 Hz (max. 16,020 rpm)


      Data storage: 128 GB SATA
      Data interface: 1 GB Ethernet
      Data recording time: 6h -12h for 128 GB memory

      Synchronization interface:

      • External encoder input for wheel sensor (Odometer)
      • GPS input (PPS pulse + UTC message over RS232)
      • Linesync output (TTL pulse per profile)
      • Rotor sync in / out (angular movement of two parallel devices can be synchronized)

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