Laserscanning software

Scantra® - Beyond clouds

Scantra® is a programme for automated registration of point clouds captured by terrestrial laser scanners based on identical planes and points. It has been designed to process very large projects with hundreds to thousands of scans with superior accuracy way beyond the error-budget of ICP-based solutions. Typical fields of application are as-built documentation, construction site monitoring or deformation measurement. Scantra is the only software on the market that satisfies established demands from Geodetic Engineering by delivering extensive and meaningful quality measures which stem from a high-performance Block Adjustment. Scantra is capable to handle highly redundant registrations as a consequence of loop-closure constraints yielding in reliable results.

Be a part of our net - your advantages at a glance:

Efficiency - Reduced time on site by omitting targets

Precision - Enhanced error budget by use of planes (instead of points)

Performance - Process several thousand scans on standard hardware

Transparency - Sound reports for quality assurance based on a block adjustment

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