2D laser scanner

Z+F PROFILER® 9012, 2D laser scanner

The Z+F PROFILER® 9012 has a vertical 360° field-of-view and is the fastest profile imaging 2D laser measurement system in its class. With its scan rate of more than 1 million points per second and a maximum scanning speed of 200 profiles/sec. short distances between the profiles can be achieved even at high speeds of the carrier vehicle. Because of the high point density, even small objects are registered and processed by the software.

Because the laser measurement system corresponds to laser class 1, the scanner can be used in urban environments without any restriction.

A hardware-assisted pixel-by-pixel synchronization makes it possible to process signals form external devices. As a result, the position and orientation of the scan data can be determined.




  • Suitable for high speeds

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9012 has a rotation speed of 200 rps (profiles /sec) and measures over 1 million points / sec

  • Flexible

    With a maximum range of 119 m, the profiling scanner is suitable for almost all mobile mapping applications

  • For all wind or weather conditions

    The Z + F PROFILER® 9012 is dust and splash-proof with protection class IP 54 and can be used at temperatures between -10 and +45 ° C. Additionally laser class 1 allows use in urban environments

    • Laser system

      Laser class 1 (according to EN60825-1 / ANSI Z136.1)
      Beam divergence: < 0.5 mrad
      Beam diameter: Approx. 1.9 mm (at 0.1 m distance)
      Ambiguity distance: 119 m
      Minimum distance: 0.3 m
      Range resolution: 0.1 mm
      Data acquisition rate: Max. 1.016 million pixel/sec.
      Range noise: 0.5 mm

      Deflection unit

      Deflection system: Completely encapsulated, rotating mirror
      Vertical field of view: 360° un-obstructed
      Angular resolution: 0.0088°
      Angular accuracy: 0.02° rms ²
      Rotation speed: 50 Hz up to 200 Hz (max. 12,000 rpm)


      Data storage: Internal 128 GB SATA, 2 x external 32 GB USB flash drive
      Data interface: 1 GB Ethernet, 2 x USB-2.0 (for removable memory sticks)
      Data recording time: 2h - 4h for each 32 GB memory, 4h - 8h in total for internal 128 GB memory
      Control panel: Remote control box for power on / off, emergency stop and display for status messages

      Synchronization interface:

      • External encoder input for wheel sensor (Odometer)
      • GPS input (PPS pulse + UTC message over RS232)
      • Linesync output (TTL pulse per profile)
      • Rotor sync in / out (angular movement of two parallel devices can be synchronized)

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