3D and 2D surveying in industry

Existing factory workshops and industrial plants can be surveyed three-dimensionally in detail. For new buildings, further extensions and reconstruction in the future, there are spatial coordinates available which are accurate to a millimeter, from which two-dimensional construction plans can easily be drawn.

Generation of 3D models
From the data gathered by Z+F laser scanner systems and with the LFM software, 3D models of the actual state of the factory or plant (e.g. tubes, steel girders) can be generated. Furthermore, it is possible to generate complete CAD models from the 3D scan data (the so-called point cloud).

Clash detection
It is possible to simulate manufacturing processes and to carry out collision checks with 3D models. Example: Another production robot of the same type has to be added to an existing plant.

Facility management
All fixed equipment like cables or tubes is surveyed as well and saved in a 3D database which serves as the basis for future reconstruction. This database can be updated and extended at any time.

Benefits of using Z+F laser scanners
By using phase based Z+F laser scanners in virtual factory and industrial plant planning, compromise solutions and resulting bottlenecks can be avoided. The down-times during the gathering of data are reduced to a minimum due to the fast, high-resolution and light-independent surveying.
The potential savings for new buildings and reconstruction work have been projected in independent studies carried out by different automobile manufacturers with up to 15% of the overall investment amount.