Z+F FlexScan

Z+F FlexScan, Mobile Mapping SLAM platform

Highly accurate measurement results require static scans from multiple angles, whereas mobile solutions focus on efficiency.

The Z+F FlexScan® platform developed by Zoller + Fröhlich combines the advantages of static scans with the efficiency of mobile systems. The perfect complement for any time-sensitive or large-scale application: AEC, facilitiy management, process industries, heritage documentation and forensics.


+ Universal mounting

The Z+F FlexScan® 22 is highly versatile and can be easily used with various support systems. This SLAM platform can be attached to backpacks, tripod carts, fixed tripods, and robots. Thanks to the Quick Mount System, switching between support systems can be done in just a few minutes. Furthermore, data captured with different support systems can be effortlessly registered in Z+F LaserControl®.


+ Camera system

The Z+F FlexScan® 22 is equipped with a panoramic camera to color map the mobile scan data.


+ Project efficiency

A project-adaptive approach allows for efficient customization of the Z+F FlexScan® 22 to meet the specific requirements of each project, saving time and resources. Utilizing this flexible system can optimize cost structures, as both the scanner and support system can be adapted according to the project's scope and nature. With a project-adaptive and cost-effective approach, companies and surveying offices can enhance their competitiveness while improving the profitability of their scanning projects.




+ Easy data collection

Static and mobile data is synchronized locally on an internal hard drive and also on a removable medium for backup and processing.


+ blue workflow®

The data is seamlessly integrated into the blue workflow® and Z+F LaserControl® or exported to standard formats for third-party software.


+ Measurement accuracy for the highest demands

The Z+F FlexScan 22 benefits from the very high quality and range of the static high-end scanner Z+F IMAGER® 5016 and achieves an accuracy of up to 2.5 mm in the SLAM result. Each profile scanned with the Z+F FlexScan 22 has 10,000 points, which ensure finest details in the 3D model. For very high accuracy requirements, the SLAM data can be enhanced by adding control points or survey controls.

  • Accurate Tracking System

    The tracking system records the exact location, orientation and position of the SLAM platform.

  • High quality camera system

    The images recorded with the cameras have high color fidelity and a high dynamic range.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    The SLAM platform is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

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