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Z+F LaserControl®, Laserscanning software

Z+F LaserControl® Office and Scout are the optimal solution to work efficiently and fully with the laser scanners of Zoller + Fröhlich. A range of filters, measurement and registration tools enable a high differentiate processing of scan data and are the key to filter, register and color 3D point clouds. Thanks to the large selection of export formats provided by Z+F LaserControl®, data can be imported and further processed in all common 3D software applications.

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  • Direct scanner control and data transmission
    With Z+F LaserControl®, the entire scanner hardware can be conveniently controlled. The direct communication via WLAN or LAN, offers a high degree of flexibility and security as well as a fast data transfer, even with large amounts of data.

    With top view, the 3D point cloud and the 2D panorama view, Z+F LaserControl® offers three options for viewing and editing scans and entire projects from different perspectives. As desired, the viewers can be closed, opened, enlarged and reduced.

    System Check
    The system check can be used to check quickly and easily the condition of a Z+F laser scanner and whether a recalibration is necessary.


    The numerous filter functions optimize the quality of the point clouds. Z+F LaserControl® generates a separate mask for each filter, which merely marks the filtered points and does not delete them. This always allows to return to the original. Depending on the project requirement, the settings for each scan can be redefined or applied.

    Mirror Filter
    In some cases, point clouds include mixed pixels due to highly reflective surfaces such as glass or mirrors. With the mirror filter, these points can be projected onto the mirror plane and masked.

  • Cloud-to-Cloud registration
    This module registers point clouds by automatically detecting matching overlap areas between the point clouds. In this process, Z+F LaserControl® achieves very high accuracies, which make it possible to work without targets in most applications. In addition, from version 9, it is possible to do a bundle adjustment calculation without external systems.

    Plane-to-Plane registration / Technet Scantra
    The automatic Plane-to-Plane registration increases the applications in which you can work without targets. The algorithm automatically detects identical levels - and, if necessary, points - in overlapping areas. The achievable accuracy is in the hundredth of a millimeter range. Automatic level detection is performed separately for each scan. Then an algorithm compares the levels from different scans. Finally, the found registration parameters are improved once again in a global adjustment.

    Target registration
    With Z+F LaserControl®, targets can be detected and marked manually and automatically. From version 9, it is possible to do a bundle adjustment in Z+F LaserControl®, which guarantees very accurate registration results. The bundle adjustment works without third-party systems. When scanning, surveyors can use both Z+F professional targets as well as normal paper tags and spheres to create reference points between point clouds.

  • Measurement functions
    Z+F LaserControl® offers a wide range of measuring tools that can be used to precisely determine angles, heights, widths and lengths. Such initial evaluations are very useful when it comes to the further processing of the point clouds or the planning of a scan project.

    Auto-Snapping on edges and corners
    The Auto-Snap feature helps users find corners and edges faster, making it much easier to work with Z+F LaserControl®, especially when it comes to finding and determining reference points. When the cursor is near a corner, the cursor jumps to the edge of the corner and stays there until the user leaves the area with the cursor.

    Vertical measurements
    For measuring at perpendicular angles, in order to easily determine distances between points and surfaces, Z+F LaserControl® offers the right tool. Room depths and heights can be determined very quickly.

    With the Slice tool you can create freely definable sections of a point cloud. The free cut orientation allows optimal placement to the object geometries. The sections can be exported in the data formats dxf and txt.

    Polygon tool
    The polygon tool can be used to determine area dimensions and perimeters. The results of the measurements are very accurate and help the user in many ways with the organization, planning and analysis of projects.

    Plane tool
    With the plane tool, measuring points can be projected onto a plane at a predefined height, which gives the user important area information.

    From simple calculations to clearance gauge functions, the kinematics module provides many tools to visualize, manage and analyze 2D scans of mobile mapping applications.

    With this function orthographic views, sections and scaled floor plans can be generated. The graphical results can be exported in various data formats.

    Link tool
    With the link tool it is possible to create external links to pictures, documents etc. in every position of the scan. These files are added to the project directory so that these information, together with the scans, form a unit.

    Video plug-in
    This plug-in makes it very easy to create short flights through point clouds. These are particularly suitable for presentations. The defined paths can be saved and reloaded, so that they are still available after closing and opening the program.



  • An ideal basis for object visualization is achieved by combining 3D data with digital photography and thermography. The recognition and analysis of 3D objects is much easier through the color illustration rather than just on the basis of geometric characteristics. In addition, color and heat information represent a documentary value, which is interesting for many applications.

    Z+F LaserControl® Office and Scout can process high-resolution HDR and thermal panorama images taken with the i-Cam, T-Cam, M-Cam or external camera systems. The processes are largely automated. Nevertheless, the user can intervene manually at any time.

blue workflow®

The blue workflow® describes a series of optimized work steps for measuring and processing measured data. The focus is on flexibility, data security and efficiency. With Z+F LaserControl® Scout and the laser scanners Z+F IMAGER® 5010X and 5016, point clouds can be registered, checked, processed and evaluated in real time in the field.

In addition, the user immediately recognizes problems in the project through immediate visualization and can intervene directly on site.

In detail, the blue workflow® allows the users to carry out the following work steps in the field:

  • Registration of the point clouds
  • Check the scanned targets
  • Verification of data quality and quantity
  • Direct integration of handheld scanner data

Multi-scanner feature

With the new blue workflow®, several scanners can be used simultaneously in one project.

With the multi-scanner principle, all scanners work on the same project file and synchronize with a Windows tablet.


The new module provides project planning tools and establishes direct communication and a feedback loop between field and office.

During the planning stage, the project coordinator can start with an empty project, loading in groundplans or aerial photography and can enrich the project plan with annotations, images, documents and audio recordings. Also tasks can be defined and assigned to the individual field teams. In addition, it is possible to plan scan positions to get an overview about the total duration of the project.

During a project, all data, including scans and images can be exchanged via an FTP server or cloud-folders (e.g. Dropbox). This allows providing a status report to the supervisors back at the office, who can also comment and send feedback back to the field. It is also possible to start the processing of the partial data in the office, while the team is still out in the field acquiring more scans.
The Office Link module and features are available to all Z+F LaserControl® Office and Scout packages, including Z+F LaserControl® Office Elements.