3D surveying in architecture

Z+F 3D phase based laser scanners enable a detailed condition and damage assessment of the current status of a building or complex structure and its surroundings. It is easy to create 2D floor plans or views of the object to plan building or conversion projects of the 3D data.

Therefore, 3D data is an ideal planning basis for structural measures. For site measuring, 3D documentation is just the right technology, because you will save time and money. Moreover you can evaluate different options of how the available rooms can be used without accessing the site in reality. The whole work can be done from your office desk and the data will be available even after many years.

Structural damages
Structural damages always mean economic loss for the owner and user of a building, and can influence the future value of a property significantly. With Z+F laser scanners, it is possible to detect discrepancies which are outside the given tolerances or other deficits. This enables the building owner to take measures to solve the problem before finishing the construction work.