Wire Processing Center (WPC)

The WPC is a moblie system that processes different wires for switch cabinets with cross-sections between 0.5 mm2 and 2.5 mm2. The WPC gradually processes all wires with the corresponding components, which are listed in a CAE system in relation to the order. For each item on this list, the wires are cut to lenth with blades, the required labels are printed and the correct ferrule is crimped to the wire with the UNIC-GV universal crimping machine. The operation of the individual steps is carried out manually, which allows the operator to increasingly lay and connect the wires for the complete job in the switch cabinet.


The system offers a semi-automatic processing of wires through integration of:

  • a THM multi-marker to create the desired markers
  • a Z+F UNICUT 8017 for cutting the wire to length
  • a Z+F UNIC GV for the correct crimping of the ferrule with plastic collar
  • a PC, with intuitive software that visualizes the complete task in the CAE system and controls every single step of the task

With the WPC, all wires required for a control cabinet in the cross-sectional area from 0.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 can be manufactured and manually laid one after the other. Of course, existing machines can be integrated into a WPC, so that a new purchase would not be necessary.

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  • UNICUT 8017



    Computer unit


    Compressed air and electricity connections



  • Very flexible

    Semi-automatic processing

    Optimized for control cabinet construction

    Complete system

    Individual components of the system can be ordered on request

    The system can be equipped with other machines on request