Wire Processing

Stripping, crimping, dismantling, cutting

In 1983, exactly 20 years after the foundation of Z+F, the time for cable processing machines began. These machines have evolved into the most advanced and efficient machines we know today.

Z+F strives to continuously improve this technology with continual support and feedback from clients and is renowned for its friendliness, easy approach, quality and understanding of its clients' needs. Through these automated  machines, in conjunction with ferrules and pin contacts, every crimp guarantees a perfect connection with a high mechanical load.

The broad range of Z+F machines allows the processing of loose insulated and uninsulated ferrules as well as turned pin contacts. Twin ferrules and ferrules on reel can also be processed, providing a robust and efficient handling.


Stripping und dismantling machines
Crimping machines
Crimp modules
Modular stripper-crimper
Universal stripper-crimper
Measurement devices
Cutting machines