Already in 1969 filed Zoller + Fröhlich a patent for the invention of the ferrule with plastic collars.Since then have the ferrules been produced exclusively at our Wangen site. Today, Zoller + Fröhlich offers a wide range of ferrules with single bags, multiple bags, on reel, as belt-strips, uninsulated or in assortment boxes.

Insulated wire end ferrules provide additional protection when processing electronic conductors. The plastic collar provides extra stability and durability in electronic applications where greater forces are due to vibration or impact. The overlapping plastic of the wire end ferrules ensures that bent-over wires cannot cause a short circuit.

The crimp connections created with the ferrules and machines from Zoller + Fröhlich are UL-certified and can therefore also be used in US-American products.

Insulated ferrules
Insulated twin ferrules
Insulated ferrules for multi standard conductors
Insulated ferrules on reel
Insulated ferrules as belt-strips
Assortment boxes